Greenwatch celebrates World Wildlife Day 2024

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Greenwatch celebrates World Wildlife Day 2024

Climaxed with conservation-tourism, Greenwatch launched and ran a week-long digital campaign commemorating the world wildlife day that is globally celebrated every 3rd day of March. The 2024 theme “Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation” informed the decision of a digital campaign purposed at using digital means to create awareness regarding conservation of flora and fauna but as well, the need to inspire exploration and employment of more digital means to conserve the little remaining flora and fauna including those still under the risk of extinction.

Numerous messages were drafted, designed and put in circulation for online penetration and deeper-reach, Greeenwatch’s efforts were centered at the public’s access and understanding of information to influence their decisions in regard to wildlife conservation and advocating for the same.

With the peak of the campaign happening at the CTC center, there was abundant exhibition of flora and fauna that are at the verge of extinction or those continuously reducing in numbers.  The display and inspection of this particular flora and fauna arose enthusiasm amongst tourists and targeted audience of the campaign in understanding the rationale of wildlife conservation.

Greenwatch Team & The Kenneth Kakuru Afforestation & Reforestation Initiative
The Greenwatch Team with The Kenneth Kakuru Afforestation & Reforestation Initiative

On the same day, a number of trees were planted at the CTC center with a target of 1000 in total to be planted subsequently, composition of the trees was specifically selected with difference in species amongst which some are endangered and others being more necessary to the general environment.       

Most pertinent, amidst the activities was civic education purposed to create understanding of the relation between wildlife and human life plus the inter-dependence of the two. This motivated tourists, CTC employees and other participants to join the tree-planting session and interested them into wildlife conservation.       

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