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\r\nAccess to Information in Africa Report: The case of Uganda
This report is based on the findings of a two year national research undertaken by Greenwatch on access to information in Uganda as part of the Access to Information in Africa (ATI) Project. The research was premised on the notion that access to information is one of the most important fundamental rights and freedoms and is essential for good governance, participatory democracy and sound development.

The ATI in Africa Project was an initiative of World Resources Insitute (WRI) in partnership with Open Democracy Advisory Centre (ODAC) in South Africa, Greenwatch in Uganda and Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) in Ghana which arose out of the need to close gaps on the shortage of knowledge and literature on access to information in Africa; be it academic, policy and development in regard to transparency issues and the correlation of such with experiences from the rest of the world.

The initiative also arose out of the need for research on transparency models and ATI best practices, on literature on sectoral approaches to creating transparency and accountability, and on the most effective mechanisms to achieving positive outcomes without which, it is difficult to develop measures and strategies as well as design interventions to advance ATI in Africa.

This report traces the history of access to information research in Uganda and the events that have steered the ATI campaign as well as the impact of such events. It documents the key findings of select literature and publications with relevance to ATI in Uganda It highlights selected court cases that have been brought before Ugandan courts of law that have an impact on ATI, describes the enabling legal environment for ATI and provides an assessment of the Constitution, the ATI Act (right of access, procedures for requesting, appeals, exemptions as well as sanctions), sectoral laws, regulations and other laws that impact on ATI.

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Posted 3rd, March 2015
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